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There are connectors, there are hyper connectors… and then there’s this guy named Terry Lo, known on Twitter as @calgarydreamer.

Top 3 Reasons To Follow Terry Lo:

  • This guy’s got heart. I have a tattoo of my heart on my arm… Terry might as well have one covering his entire body. He oozes community spirit and love for his friends and family… Don’t know Terry yet? No problem. Consider yourself a soon-to-be friend. That’s just how Terry rolls.
  • He has a never-ending desire to help. You’ve got a problem? He’s got an answer. You don’t have a problem? He’s got a really cool suggestion on a Korean restaurant to take you to where they don’t speak any English. Or a story about this time he was up on this roof in a lightning storm. Or an invitation to this incredible Chinese New Year dinner he’s planning with all of these communities he’s a part of. Or being one of a tripod organizing YYC Burger Week. Or his blogging on the many amazing things he loves about YYC on my favourite Calgary blog,
  • He’s hella-amusing and has some incredible stories to share. I know I mentioned it above, but it deserves its own point. Need more proof? Go read his blog. To further add to this, he’s an ex-spy. You can only imagine the tales he has…

So go do that #FollowFriday thing and see if you can keep up with @calgarydreamer.


Angela MacIsaac or @that_angela – Angela is my co-adventurer/blogger on and an amazing friend.  A provider of witty remarks, endless amounts of entertainment, a great source of fashion finds (particularly in the shoe department), and a very passionate hockey and sports fanatic, you can’t go wrong with paying attention to this girl.

Lyn Cadence or @lyncadence – Lyn is a wonderfully warm hearted individual.  Lyn’s Twitter profile says she’s  a “Social media enthusiast interested in tracking the future of publishing, PR, journalism, etc. as it unfolds.”  Follow Lyn for social media tips, interesting articles and to get to know one of many genuinely good hearted Calgarians.

Donna McTaggart or @donnamct – Donna is one of the most giving people I’ve met through Twitter.  I appreciate finding a fellow optimist in Donna.  Donna is a great source for a daily dose of inspiration and kindness.

These three ladies also did a phenomenal job of pulling off another successful Calgary Twestival this year.  A big shout out from me to the three of you on that too!