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I named this blog Outing My Inner Geek because I was a gigantic nerd of all things interwebs… and then communications along with the interwebs… and also because I STILL love calling the internet the interwebs. I giggle quietly to myself every single time.

Lately, though, I’ve grown bored of the things I used to nerd out about. I think I just over saturated myself with everything social networking and online whatever.

I’ve missed writing, blogging in particular. But I don’t feel like geeking out over what I used to geek out over.

This morning, I found myself reflecting on my definition of “geeking out.” It’s whatever subject matter that sparks my curiosity and wonder enough to want to dive in and investigate it further. I look at my journal and it’s filled with thoughts and ideas and goals that I think a few of you might also find interesting. At the very least, my nerdal sessions in and of themselves would be entertaining from time to time. Although, if they aren’t to anyone else, it’s not the end of the world. You can bet I’ll be enjoying myself thoroughly through my musings.

Either way, it’s time to think out loud.

Today’s wondering… if I drink enough water, is it possible to stop needing to use moisturizer during an Alberta winter?

I’ve been travelling through much more humid climates than what you would find in an Alberta winter all year. I’m home for a month and finding myself using more lotion here than what I needed to protect myself from the UV rays in Australia.

What’s with that?

*Insert Captain Obvious* Water consumption, Peters (that’s my last name. I often use it when I catch myself missing the obvious). But the real question… how much is enough for me during an Alberta winter? Is it the 8 cups a day that’s generally accepted? Is it more? Is it less? Is it really just about the water? What if I add in more water filled vegetables? What if I’m exercising more? Or less? So many questions!

I admit, my old coffee drinking habits are contributing to the lack of moisture in my skin; and my unwillingness to walk out the door and into the cold are giving me the luxury of time to even be thinking about such a topic. But that’s the situation I’ve created for myself, so I’m rolling with it.

I hereby challenge myself to see if it’s possible to experience fully moisturized skin in an Alberta winter without the use of moisturizer.

Tips on accomplishing this goal are welcome!