Google Hangout Vs Skype

Posted: January 24, 2013 in technology and the future
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Working remotely, often my only means of face-to-face communication with my coworkers is of the online type. We’ve been using Skype for the longest time, but often had problems with the clarity of the call. At first, we chalked it up to our internet connections. But, then it kept happening. With different people, in different cities. Maybe not so much the internet connection?

Sometimes old habits die hard. But sometimes, when a more clear (literally in this case) alternative comes along, jumping ship is pretty easy to do. Google Hangout. Like Skype, it’s free to use and it’s got an app for that. Unlike Skype, it’s also free to host a video chat with up to 10 people. In Skype land, at least one of you had to subscribe to the group video chat feature.

I’m sure there other bonuses still to using Skype (like the super cheap calling to landlines feature that I still use instead of long distance on my mobile), but when it comes to video chat, it just seems to be the call quality winner.



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