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Screenshot from Asif Premji's Tumblr. Click on the photo for the original.

Screenshot from Asif Premji’s Tumblr. Click on the photo to link back through!

This advice… It could turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever done… or it could be the worst. Or, and this is far more likely, it could very well be not that big of a deal.

The number one rule of the internet is that there are no rules. Always. Never forget this. Print it out in gigantic big letters and plaster your office with it. The same applies to online social media tools. With the exception of legalities and terms of service, there are no actual rules.

What you’re better off doing is adapting and applying your style of communication to the tools. If you’re the type to dip your toe in the water and slowly ease yourself in, do that. If you like taking the risk of not knowing what you’re getting yourself into… then do that!

Where you don’t want to be is so paralyzed with fear or indecision that you make no movement at all.

But otherwise, your evolution into the online realm of connecting and communicating is only as fast or slow, easy or difficult as you make it. Take your time. Don’t let fear motivate you. That’s never a good place to be coming from. Instead, build your confidence. And enjoy the journey!


There’s a post over on ProBlogger today debunking the use of traditional SEO practices (like putting keywords in your page titles, page descriptions, headers, etc.) in blog posts. They’d gone to town researching Google’s algorithm and the correlation between many long-standing SEO tips and tricks. The findings? Call in MIB, it’s time to erase your memory.

The advice? Focus 100% on your audience and visitors. Who’s reading your blog? What’s a great takeaway? What will they find useful? The Wendy-ized version of the three tips suggested are as follows:

  1. When it comes to blogging, ignore the SEO experts and focus solely on creating the best damned content you can offer.
  2. Make new friends. As in… linking was, is and always will be the best way you can build your audience base and search ranking. But don’t go on a spamming link building spree. Think this through and make connections and links to other blogs that make sense for you and your readers. Look at you adding more value!
  3. Don’t ignore the SEO experts when it comes to your domain name. That shit still works. Pick one keyword, then find a domain name that works for you.

Care to read more? Check out the original findings and explanations as posted on ProBlogger’s Forget Everything You Think You Know About SEO by Mark Collier of