The Real Way To Get More Followers

Posted: September 13, 2012 in social media, Web dos and donts
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Don’t be a douche bag.

In case you need a few guidelines, here’s my list of the top 4 ways to guarantee your social media douche baggery:

  1. Use a service like to inflate your follower count. Douche bags need to buy friends.
  2. Promote, promote, promote. And only yourself. Douche bags don’t care what other people are doing, only that you pay attention to what they’re doing.
  3. Spread the love for douche baggery… like telling other people it’s actually a good idea to buy Twitter followers.
  4. Try to slip us a fast one. Like an affiliate link without disclosing the fact that it’ll make you money. It’s cool if it’s relevant and you’re providing value (hey, we all need to make a living). It’s douchey if you’re just here to make a fast buck.

Got more tips on how to be a social media douche bag? Write ’em below!

  1. I can’t stand bands that add me on twitter, then thank me for following them and refer to me as a fan. Fools, you JUST added ME. Therefore you are MY fan, and if I just added you, that means I have yet to listen to your music and become a fan!

    Then every single tweet of theirs is how much they love their fans, which is great… but you don’t need to do it every 15 minutes.

    Also, people that add me JUST to add to their follower count and then unfollow me once I follow them back. Gross.

    Also the following:

    – Guys with an Asian fetish
    – Guys with a girls-with-glasses fetish
    – Guys that only have girls that look under 18 in their followers list
    – People with pictures of a car that they don’t own as their default photo (DECEPTICON!)
    – People with no default photo.

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