The BS We Tell Ourselves

Posted: April 5, 2012 in social media
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There are all these studies and criteria going on about how to use social media, how many times a day to post, what kind of content to post, measuring the ROI… blah blah blah. Yeah, blah.

There are people to whom those numbers mean something. I am not one of them. Why? Well, because part of me believes that it takes away some of the sparkle of what made whatever we’re building special to begin with. And the other part of me remembers a time when Twitter was little, and Robert Scoble talked about how he had left it for ages and ages and somehow, his follower count miraculously kept growing. WTF? Where’s the study for that one?

Call it the exception to the rule if you want. I think it’s the rule we’re not looking  at. The one that says if you’re being yourself and building something awesome, the consistency and frequency of your posts has no relevance in the end. Don’t tell that to the data people though, they might freak out and argue against it.

But think about it, if all of our energy and focus was on being ourselves instead of trying to figure out what in the world our followers, fans, community, etc. wanted, we’d be, well, exactly where we are today. But if each of us focused more on our own interests, on what we think creates value in the everyday? Frack, there’d probably be a helluva lot more Robert Scobles in the world.


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