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Focus (Photo credit: Unhindered by Talent)

Every day, I spent endless amounts of energy noticing things in my life that aren’t yet where I want them, or things that I’d like to do that I’m not currently doing. The more I’m stopping to listen to my thoughts, the more I’m noticing just how much space some of them are taking up. Thoughts that could be focused on getting the results I want rather than simply thinking about the fact that I’m not there yet.

I posted on Facebook on March 1st that my focus for the month would be only on things I want more of in my life. As I thought about it, I remembered the last 100 Day Challenge I did. I didn’t use exclamation points for 100 days. It forced me to find different means of showing excitement, through more words, different characters, getting creative with emoticons, etc. And so, stretching my focus for March into another 100 day challenge seemed like an interesting experiment. What happens when I only think about things I want or things I want more for an extended period of time?

Today marks Day 3. Let me tell you, I feel like I’m training a little puppy. My brain is off and running with its usual thoughts, and I’ve been having to make it sit still for a few moments. Which is so hard! It just wants to bounce around from here to there and everywhere. But the cool thing about checking in with my thoughts more often is that I can start to see small changes I can make. For instance, yesterday, while I was only focusing on things I wanted, I really, really, really wanted a chocolate chip cookie. I questioned myself on whether that was

what I actually wanted or whether my brain was trying to trick me. Total brain trick! What I really want is for my jeans to fit again. A year of cocktails, eating amazing food and not taking the proper time for rest and exercise has not done me any favours by the way of still feeling fabulous.

Out goes the focus on the chocolate chip cookie. In comes the focus on getting what I really want.

I suspect I’ll have a few more of these over the course of the 100 days. Moments where I catch myself thinking I want something when really it’s not something that supports where I’m headed, rather supports keeping me in one place. There are also plenty of things I simply want more of. I have no doubt I’ll discover those too. Like more massages!

Stay tuned! I’m sure I’ll have plenty of observations and lessons to share along the way!