Please, oh please! Re-read your deed, I beg… I plead!

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Web dos and donts

Got a blog? Good for you! That makes you the writer and editor-in-chief. You decide the content, you decide the consistency and you decide the level of professionalism that goes into your work. You’re in charge of how the blog looks and how the content is presented. What you should also have figured out by now, is that this is generally the first impression people get from you, it’s the first interaction they have with your personal brand before they ever meet you. This scares companies enough to have policies and procedures in place to ensure a well-written end product before anyone in the public ever lays eyes on it.

You’ve gone to all of the work of researching your content, or at least thinking it out. You’ve put goodness only knows how many hours into creating your networks, gathering email addresses, finding readers and retweeters. You’re out and about making a name for yourself, creating value in your personal brand–and yet you don’t seem to want to take the extra 5 minutes to reread your post before you hit publish, or better yet, have somebody else give it a once over. It’s not even that hard, if you’re using WordPress, the spell checker is built-in. BUILT-IN.

I know we’re all only human. The odd typo sneaks through, even for me. But come on people. Don’t make me start a movement that requires you to have a publishing license. I love that the world has a voice and that you can sound it off at the push of a button. But when it’s littered with errors, that doesn’t help our cause. How are we supposed to take what you’re saying seriously? You obviously aren’t.

I’ll even tolerate the little Americanisms you keep sliding into our written word, dropping the “u” in words like favourite or neighbour, or mixing up “re” for “er” in words like centre and metre. Those grate my nerves, but not enough for me to dismiss all the of the work you’ve put into crafting a beautiful and eloquent masterpiece. But the obvious errors? Come now, that says to me that you just don’t care enough to polish it. So why should I care enough to read it?


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