Income tax

Image by alancleaver_2000 via Flickr

I don’t ever write about politics.  Mostly because they don’t interest me.  I don’t often write about the way things are either.  Especially not went it comes to mundane topics, like taxes.  Those don’t interest me either.  But what does interest me are ideas, especially ones that are a bit out there.  They push the envelope, they make people think, they help us innovate.

I’ve just had an idea.  And it has to do with (of all things) taxes.  More specifically, it has to do with how it would engage me more and feel like I actually had an impact (and a choice).

My idea is not a new one. In fact, I’m borrowing it from the fundraising sector.  But it’s always been one of my favourites.

Many non profits have a system for allowing a donor to allocate their funds for a specific use.  For example, when I was fundraising as a student at the University of Alberta, alumni could request that their donation be directed to a specific fund or scholarship or even project.  Do you see where I’m going yet?

I want to be able to direct my taxes to areas that are important to me, or at least a portion of them.  If my benefits at work are flexible, my donation dollars can go where I want, why not my tax dollars?

Give me that much of a direct impact on how my dollars are used, even if it’s only 10% of my total tax contribution, and you’ll have me hooked.  You’ll also have me trying to convince every Jane, Dick and Harry to put their portion towards my cause because it’s important to them too.  It’s a whole new level of influence.  Flex taxes (not the amount, just the allocation) and social influence.  I’m in.

  1. John Tyler says:

    Brilliant Wendy.

    Most people like to feel that they are contributing something, and what better way to bring in support for the government. I think it could work for the government as well to be able to get insight into what the people want without having to do extra polls and studies.

    With the technology today that has given everyone a chance to have a public voice, this would be a good next step.

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