An Elephant Never Forgets

Posted: August 19, 2010 in other, technology and the future
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The eye of an asian elephant at Elephant Natur...
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The internet is always on.  Somewhere, somebody is reading something that may or may not be about you.  While you’re sleeping, friends are looking at your pictures on Facebook.  While you’re working, a stranger has found your name attached to a blog post or mentioned in an article and searches Google to see what more he/she can find out about you.

The home-based business industry has boomed thanks to the internet.  The ease at which anyone can publish materials, create an e-commerce store, etc. is astonishing.  The internet works for them because even while they sleep, customers in their niche are buying products on their website without the need for another human being to be there.

The internet is the biggest collaborative product the world has ever known.  No one dreamed up a plan for what it would become, no one person is leading the vision for where it will go.  It can work for us, or it can work against us.  The internet won’t discriminate, because it’s simply an archive of our collective knowledge and a tool for processing our conversations and transactions.

Recently, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google was quoted as saying:

I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time.

I don’t believe we do.  But it’s high time we at least tried wrap our minds around this.

The internet is our elephant.  This elephant never sleeps and never forgets. And somebody, somewhere is always watching.  ALWAYS.  So watch the trail you leave as you conduct yourself online.  There’s no shredder for the internet.


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