Current state of social media and my 2nd video post

Posted: August 17, 2010 in social media, technology and the future

It’s time for my second video blog post.  I have an issue with calling them vlog posts.  The idea is to improve my on the spot thinking and my camera presence.  I’d say compared to my first video in March, I’ve come a long way.  Enjoy!

Here is the link to the article I mentioned by Jay Baer: Is Twitter for Business Even Worth the Trouble?

And as promised, the link to my first video post (for comparison’s sake.  I’m not moving around in circles quite nearly as much!): Why I’m involved with Calgary Twestival

  1. John Tyler says:

    Very nice Wendy!! Good improvement!

    It will be definitely interesting to see what becomes of social media in the future, how different companies will use it, and what unique solutions will come from experimentation.

    One thing I haven’t heard too much about yet, is hardware integration with social media tools. Reading a Popular Science magazine on my iPad, (June 2010 issue) it had some interesting links of some early attempts:
    -to notify you via twitter when your plants need watering,
    -controlling your mac from a private twitter account,

    -a pet security system.

    I’m sure there are more ideas out there waiting to be discovered! I imagine the “twitter enabled house”, where appliances and rooms are all connected on a home network and can be accessed via twitter- I think that would be pretty cool! ( just have to ensure your twitter account doesn’t get hacked 🙂

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