Welcome to the Wild Wild West

Posted: July 12, 2010 in social media, technology and the future
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We’re in an time where rules still don’t apply.  People keep looking for them, keep trying to make them up, but the internet and social media is still in its infancy.  The truth of the matter is simple:

There are no rules yet.  Anything goes.

We’re still at a stage where experimenting is possible and yet so many people are afraid to do it because they get grilled for it.  But if you look at almost every social media blunder, it’s turned into a social media success story on the other side when the brand was willing to admit the blunder and learn something new along with the rest of us.

It really is a new scene and we really are setting the ground rules for the future social media space.  In 20 years, when things have settled down again and we all look back on this time in reflection, what do you want your legacy to be?  Do you want to have an exciting story to tell about the new ideas you were able to test and the influence you had in shaping this landscape?  Or do you want to report that you sat idly by on the sidelines while you watched others lay the ground work for where it is we’re going to go?

It’s upto you.  Are you a participant or are you a spectator?

  1. John Tyler says:

    Social Media is like a new Art form, a new Medium, a new method for Creative Expression.

    For me, I enjoy listening to music, playing music, and creating new music, photography, and writing. Now, there are guidelines and rules how to do each of those things. But I don’t have to stay within those guidelines. I am free to experiment and bend the rules, explore and create new rules. I can share what I create for others to enjoy as well- though it won’t be for everyone.

    But I can’t compose music like JS Bach, or create paintings like Claude Monet, or write like Jules Verne, yet I can appreciate their works, and learn what I can from them. With the technologies we have available today, we have more creative outlets, and more ways of sharing our experiences.

    Sometimes we can only be spectators, but where we can, we should strive to participate!

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