We all know what not to do, but how do you know what TO do?

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Is it really that simple?, social media
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As we each reflect upon our lives, whether it be relationships, business, finances, exercise routines, eating habits and so on, we seem to always ask ourselves one question:

What could I have done better?

It’s common to want to improve areas where we noticed weak spots to strengthen our overall game, but what if we flipped this around and asked ourselves:

What did I do right?

So many people are still trying to figure out this ‘social media thing’.  It’s new, it’s overwhelming, and the rate at which things change is scary.  Examples of what not to do are abundant, but how do you know what you can do right?

  1. Take a look at your existing business and identify your strengths, talents, and areas that are going well.
  2. Spend some time analyzing these areas and why they are your strengths, talents, and areas that are going well.
  3. Take what you’ve observed and apply them when you begin to engage in social media.
  4. Tweak and adapt as necessary to meet your objectives.

Chances are if you’ve had success offline, you’ll have success online. There are always the basic dos and donts, but they’re nothing more than acting in a publicly socially acceptable manner.  The rest is up to you.  So take a moment to look at all the things you do right and then rinse and repeat with social media.

  1. John Tyler says:

    Hey Wendy, if I may make a suggestion!

    To go back to writing these blog posts the way you used to. These new shorter posts are great, they are consumable, except they are like tiny morsels of food off a dish, very good for whetting my appetite, but it’s like the dish is taken away before having the satisfaction of consuming the good food/content.

    You have an amazing gift for analyzing and breaking down a situation or ideas into fundamental points, and then re-connecting them to make something new, or making new links to different ideas all together. I miss reading this in your posts!

    Reading your thought processes and the reasons that you reach the conclusions that you do, always opens my eyes to different perspectives, it’s a fresh look on the topic and I enjoy thinking it through!

    John 🙂

  2. Wendy Peters says:

    Well now… I never thought I’d have a request to make my posts LONGER. The shorter posts have been in an effort to focus my writing a lot more as I found myself heading off down tangents quite easily and was wearing myself thin with so many longer posts.

    So… how about I strike up a mixture of shorter and longer posts?

  3. John Tyler says:

    yes – plenty of tangents can be a handful. I’m working on an idea for a post from a discussion had at #CTT on Monday. I could probably write an essay out of it, but picking out certain points and expanding on them can make up several different posts – and a good way to keep people looking for more 🙂

    Looking forward to your ‘mixture’ !!

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