Accountability… or lack thereof

Posted: June 10, 2010 in social media, Twitter
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If you’re using Twitter to build a network you may want to head on over to Robert Scoble’s blog and have a look.  He’s got an interview up with Twitter user @rays who’s account was suspended for no obvious reasons (check the updates in Scoble’s post, they tell him why eventually – just not before they disable his Twitter access without telling him).  Scoble brings up some important points about business accountability and transparency (or lack there of) of sites like Facebook and Twitter, namely with regards to deleting user accounts.  According to Scoble, they make three mistakes:

  1. They don’t email you to tell you why your account is being suspended or deleted before they do it;
  2. They don’t let you appeal the suspension before it occurs, nor do they tell you what the process to appeal their decision is or how long it will take;
  3. They assume you’re guilty until proven innocent.

If you’ve got about 17 minutes, go check out the video on Scoble’s blog on his post: The Twitter Death Sentence.


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