News sites and commenting – I request a makeover for intelligence and good taste

Posted: April 7, 2010 in other
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I just finished watching the video and reading the article about the first Edmontonians to own an iPad.  The article was interesting, watching a demo and the review of the iPad from Reg Cheramy, an “an unabashed technophile and founder of Edmonton’s Edistorm software company,” says the article by Taylor Bendig was a perfect start to my morning.  I thought I would wait for the second generation iPad to come out, but seeing it in action makes me want one right now instead. 

After digesting the article and excitedly passing on the link to my co-geek in the office, I turned to the comments.  There were 57 of them on the video.  Now, on the blogs I read, there’s typically some interesting points and discussions going on when there’s that much commenting happening.  I skimmed the first page of comments on this article and they’re all crap.  Things like:

The number dont add up… let’s put to the most expensive senario on this article ipad 600$ plus 200 shipping plus 200 custom plus 125$ gift for service = 1125 not 4000$ i guess they mean total invoice for 6 peoples was 4000$

“[…]game-changing device”
“[…]whole new level of computing”
“I don’t think we know why this is gonna be so awesome”
This fella is a real laugh riot. Mr. Cheramy takes the cake for uninformed zeal. The iPad has a pleasant appearance but it’s still a slate device and has every one of the deficiencies other hefty slates are prone to. It’s too heavy to hold for an extended length of time, iffy wifi connectivity, and has rather low and un-extensible specs. The screen is gorgeous and responsive but why would one pay $4000 for what equates to an e-Reader that can tweet (when it can manage to connect to the ‘net)?
But hey, it’s his money to waste and his time to brag about it like a fool.

Reg….. why don’t you pay 4,000 and get a LIFE buddy!!

Reg is the lamest person on the earth to go out and buy the ipad, just so he can he have it before anyone else!!

Get a life buddy!! There is more to life than stupid apple products!

it should be called iSHEEP!!! Bunch of followers who can’t think for themselves!!

It goes on, but you get the idea.  Oh, and each of the commenters is anonymous.  What’s the point of allowing comments if that’s all that comes out of it?  I’ve come the the same conclusion of other news sites, like CBC’s website.  The Grandpa Simpsons of the world come out to puke uselessness that nobody wants to read anyway. 

I think it’s time commenting had a makeover, preferably back to it’s origins where it was meant for discussions and alternate view points that were thought provoking and intelligent, not somebody’s outlet because they don’t like themselves and feel the need to put down everyone else around them.  Can we please require people to identify themselves prior to the mindless dribble?  Radio shows don’t let just anyway phone in and go on and on about how lame their guest is, so why is it okay for news sites to let the public slash someone they’ve just written an article about without moderating it first for intelligence and good taste?

  1. John Tyler says:

    LOL, I like that: “…puke uselessness that nobody wants to read anyway.”

    I watch CBC’s site for railway related stories, and it’s amazing what people will say when they have no clue to what they are talking about.

    It certainly would be nice to see more strict moderation towards articles and news, and force the “complainers” to find a different outlet!

  2. Wendy Peters says:

    I think it’s alright for people to complain, that’s essentially what I did in this post. I complained about the useless commenters. It’s the ones who have moved from complaining to putting down other people in the process. There’s no reason that has to be allowed. Especially not on mainstream news sites. Let those people go start a blog and spew that stuff on their own territory. If people then read it, great. But seriously, set some terms and conditions for participating in the conversation. I now see why some bigger blogs are requiring commenters to become a member of the community with a membership before they can comment. I didn’t agree with it at first, but it would certainly add some accountability to people and what they have to say.

  3. John Tyler says:

    Yes, “complainers” is a broad term, I should have been more specific! 🙂 It would be hard to bring about change without complaining, voicing what’s wrong, but you’re right, there is no need for people/company/product bashing. I like that about blog membership – gets rid of the anonymity that is so easy to hide behind!

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