When you say #foursquare, I say…

Posted: February 27, 2010 in social media
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I hate that thing!  Yep.  I hate Foursquare.  When I first heard about it I thought it was kind of neat.  When I saw the opportunity associated with it I thought it was brilliant.  But what’s made me hate Foursquare is the useless updates coming out of it on Twitter.  They’re everywhere and they add no value to me.  None.  I don’t care if you’ve just checked in at 1410, or you become the mayor of Blockbuster.  You care about that.  Not me.  I also don’t care about where you are, unless we happen to be going to the same place… but that’s more fun if it’s planned or if I bump into you by surprise or hear about a tweetup.  If you just “checked in at the Ship and Anchor” it’s probably not going to entice me to go.

The brilliant part of Foursquare is the ability to give the social network of its users discounts or special deals.  One post I read last year said that the potential of Foursquare was in a scenario such as this:

Wendy checked in at Good Earth.  Looks like she’ll be staying for awhile.  If any of Wendy’s friends come and check in at the same Good Earth location, they’ll get a free muffin when they buy a large coffee.

That’s the brilliant part.  That part needs to make it’s way into the Twitter update.  Because otherwise there’s no point to the update.  None at all.  I could just go look on Foursquare to see where people checked in, or see if they’ve checked in on Google.  Right now, Foursquare updates on Twitter are akin to the hashtag spam that some fundraisers have attempted, or the “paste this into your Facebook status if you support cancer” updates or the “what colour is your bra… don’t tell the boys!” style statuses.  They’re useless and spammy without something behind them.

Step it up folks.  Foursquare has a lot of potential.  The use of Twitter with it also has potential.  But like everything else, think before you tweet and add some value, not just more racket.


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