Cooking up my dream site

Posted: February 22, 2010 in technology and the future
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I think I just dreamed up a website that doesn’t exist yet.  No… not a website.. a SUPER WEBSITE.  An artificially intelligent web pod capable of serving up the most relevant information at different times of the day as the search patterns and visitation patterns of it’s visitors change.

A few weeks ago, CBC did a documentary on Google.  Being that I haven’t got cable or rabbit ears (not that those would do me much good with only digital signals now anyway), I had to wait for it to be posted on CBC’s website before I could watch it (thank you CBC for putting the full length documentary on your site for free).  45 minutes later, I am in awe at something I was already in awe of.  Google’s mission, just what their site and their algorithms and all of their different applications and programs can do.  Somewhere between wiping the drool from my chin and staring fixedly at my computer screen, I had a thought about websites and real time.

How cool would it be to have a site that changed as different things became important throughout the day?  #awesome.  It’s design, it’s features, like having displays in a department store that change with the seasons… except this would be way more frequent.  I wondered just what kind of man power would be required to keep that kind of site going.  Oodles.  There would have to be a huge payoff for that kind of site.  Now imagine that it could be another industrial revolution.  A new kind of machine.

We find a way to make an artificially intelligent website.  Use the patterns of your visitors, and the information they search for on your website coupled with data from conversations about your brand.  Monitor the trends, and as they rise in importance, have them become features on your main page.  In real time.  OH MY GOD.  Customer service issues, frequently asked questions, everything flowing in the most amazingly synchronized river of information and processes anyone has ever seen (and that they’d need to see for something like this to work).  A customer is experiencing a problem with one of your products.  They come to your site, or post on a forum, it doesn’t matter really, your AI site captures this.  The very first person will not get the benefit of the AI site on this specific problem.  But as it grows and the knowledge about the solution comes with it, all of a sudden, your website evolves on it’s own to display this information for the next visitors having the same issue until it trickles off, and another tide or trend requiring more information rises up and takes it’s place at just the right time… in fact, coinciding with the peak of the conversation about that exact issue on the web before trickling off to an archive for the late stragglers to access.

This site doesn’t exist anywhere but inside of my imagination at the moment.  But can you imagine just how fundamentally that would change everything we do?  Oh my… my dreams will be sweet tonight.

  1. John Tyler says:

    Great business idea!!!

  2. Jay Ester says:

    The idea behind sites like GetSatisfaction, ZenDesk, and UsersVoice is just the same – and some Twitter based tools such as TweetBoard.

    I think you need to look around more, and get the lay of the land before you say “This site doesn’t exist anywhere”. Be careful of what you say.

  3. Wendy Peters says:

    The idea might be behind them. The site itself doesn’t exist yet. That’s why it’s a dream site.

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