Hey McDonald’s, here’s what I think would make this ad #awesome

Posted: December 5, 2009 in technology and the future
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Last night, I was playing around with my camera and taking shots of a candle flame.  (Don’t judge, it was filling the whimsy of the pyro in me).  What I didn’t consider was the temperature of the flame and the proximity of my lens.  I melted the front just a wee little bit.  So this morning, I was thinking about whether I was going to keep on with this camera… it still seems to work okay, or if it would be a good excuse splurge for an upgrade.  I considered what I wanted in a camera.  I still want a small one that I can take anywhere, but I want a small one that takes uber awesome photos (you can’t get more awesome than that).  So, I turned to my favourite pass time.  The Internet.  And I searched for “ultimate mini cameras”.  Most of what I came up with were spy devices, not particularly what I’m looking for.

Now, it’s also 945 on a Saturday morning.  I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, nor have I had the drive to get the coffee percolating.  I click on one of the search results and I see this:

McDonald's Breakfast web ad

Damn.  Now I want one.  And McDonald’s is just down the street.  Except the weather outside is like this:

Calgary Blizzard

Image grabbed from the Weather Network, posted by somebody named Debbie

Sorry McDonald’s, I’m not going outside in that.  Even though you’re a block away, I’m a huge winter wuss, and I’m just not.  But here’s how your online ad would’ve sold me a breakfast wrap… heck, I’d probably order a couple of egg mcmuffins, 3 hashbrowns, one huge cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun to polish it off… and polled the neighbours in the building while I was at it.. (“Hey Stuart, I’m putting in a McD’s order, do you want anything?  What about you  Sally?”… hello capitalizing on the snow storm).

McDonald's ad

And this is how I would sell me a McD's breakfast on a blizzardy morning.

I’d probably change the tagline too… but seriously, if the McDonald’s down the street advertised that for me?  OMG… not only would I be drooling at the beauty of how well that was delivered in terms of geo targeting, thought, precision, etc.  I’d be a customer for life.  At least for the one down the street.

  1. John Tyler says:

    That is Awesome Wendy!!! That would totally sell to me as well, and probably a lot of other people!!

    As for what happened to your camera, I think it’s a good reason to go for the upgrade 🙂 Check out canon (PowerShot SD980 IS) or other similar models. They’ve spreading their technology into the lower end models- that model is very close to what my G9 can do! A lot better in some aspects!! But still a nice compact size!
    Though I am biased towards the Canons!! 😉

  2. Angela says:

    OK, but what’s the brown goop on the side of the eggs? I think it makes me glad McD’s doesn’t deliver.

  3. Wendy Peters says:

    I’m gonna go with BBQ sauce.

  4. Ian Desjardins says:

    Mmmmm… McWrap…

  5. ron says:

    i am wondering why the wraps you get are not even close to beig the same as the ones in pictures or commercials . is there a good reason . or is this just false advertising to intice peaple to buy your product

  6. Wendy Peters says:

    Diamond rings don’t look as sparkly on your hand as they do in the magazine ad… cars are never quite as cool on the road as they are in the showroom… models are never actually that flawless… ads would never sell anything if the everything in them looked just like they do in day to day life because we don’t want something that’s only as good as the everyday…

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