FREEZE… I’m moving ahead by standing still

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Uncategorized
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I think that if I were to try and count the amount of ideas I have in one day on my fingers… I would soon run out of fingers.  And if I kept going, I would run out toes.  Unless you’re willing to loan me your fingers and your toes to continue counting on…

With so many ideas, it’s difficult to know which ones to pursue, which ones to shelve, and which ones to let go of completely.  Especially if you’ve seen me think.  In an instant my brain can explode all over a whiteboard and so many new projects and opportunities are born that I need to borrow more than just your fingers and toes to keep track of them all.

I believe that I’m not alone in my abundance of ideas.  And also, not so alone in my conundrum of not knowing what to do with them all.  Part of this is the reason I blog, the idea has an outlet, and maybe somewhere down the road I’ll come back to it, or somebody else will find it and do something even more marvelous with it.  This really doesn’t have anything to do with why I started this post, however.

This post is supposed to be about sticking with one idea, although I’ve just figured out the link from the previous paragraph.  People (and by people, I mean me) are figuring out that the web is the place to try out new things, new ideas, new concepts, new inventions, new everything.  The web is the place to try more and fail faster, to move on when something doesn’t work, to tweak, to grow, to get back up on that bike… except the next time it might be a bike, or it might be a horse, or a carriage, or a car… what I’m getting at is that I think people (me) are beginning to understand how easy it is to try out an idea, but I think that they (me) may have so many of them that when it fails, instead of sticking with the same idea, they (me) jump on down the line to the next one.

I’m musing a bit with the concept that the strategy to success on the web might be sticking with one idea.  Letting the rest go into the unknown to find other homes.  Picking one and failing many times with the same one until I find the model that works for it.  It’s still about failing faster, trying new things, innovating, changing and adapting, just a little less all over the map.  So, in an online world where everything changes at lightning speed and people can’t keep up with even what’s out there today, let alone with what’s going to be out there tomorrow… perhaps the people that will be successful are those that stick around in one area for a long time.  As everyone else rushes around to try out everything just because they can, we can be the ones going further by not going everywhere.

  1. Les Brown says:


    Love the topic of pursuing ideas on the web. The only think I would add is don’t let any idea fall to the side.

    I know sometimes it might seem like your overwhelmed with ideas, but instead of letting them go, put them away. Put them on a “shelf” and pull them out when it’s the right time.

    I usually don’t deal with regrets, don’t have the time, but in this case I do have some regrets with ideas that I had but didn’t pursue. Now I’m watching other people enjoy those ideas and I’m left to watch on the sideline.

    We need idea people in this world. Keep thinking, keep innovating and best of all keep sharing. We are listening.


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