Review: The Calgary Women’s Show (Part 1 of 3) #yycws

Posted: October 26, 2009 in other
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I had the opportunity to live tweet for the Calgary Women’s Show.  I’ve got a couple of different takes on how it went, so I’ve broken up my post into three parts.  Below is the first, a review of the show itself.  Part 2 (coming Tuesday) looks at it from a ‘live tweeting’ perspective.  Part 3 (coming Wednesday) explores some long term suggestions for social media strategy and enhancements.

Part 1 – The Calgary Women’s Show

Today I donned my Sunday best and hit up the Calgary Women’s Show.

Highlights included:

  • Finding gluten free crackers called Crinkles.  They’re not being sold in Canada yet, but they were tasty little rice chip type things.  If you ever find them, try the Salt and Vinegar ones.  Tasty.
  • Discovering that chocolate milk is actually good for me.  Seriously?  I had no idea.  I talked to a nutrionist at the calcium booth and she said that chocolate milk is even better for you than gatorade to rehydrate after exercise.  Who knew?  Time to head to Co-op and stock up on the chocolate milk supplies.
  • Buttercream had some awesome little cupcake samples.  They were so moist and delicious, I do believe they’re better than Crave.
  • Indigo Art.  A couple of years ago I was attempting to sell hand painted reproductions from China.  It didn’t go well, but with all the hours sitting in markets, I thought, ‘You know, if we had a few different artists lined up to actually make real paintings out of people’s pictures, that would do really well’.  Well, that’s what Indigo Art does, and for a fantastic price.  They’ve got over 300 artists worldwide that they commission to do paintings on behalf of clients.  They’re incredibly well done and a decent sized one (like 1.5 ft by 2 ft or so…) is only around $100.00.
  • The Nutman.  He’s an old favourite.  He used to come around to my office in Leduc, and then again in Calgary and sell all sorts of wonderful treats.  The corn chips have forever been my favourite.
  • Homemade perogies.  Cheemo perogies are about the best store bought ones I’ve ever found.  I buy homemade whenever I can (mine just do not taste the same as those from somebody who’s been making them their whole lives).  These ones were from Ukrainian Fine Foods (you can also find them at the Crossroads market on weekends).

The Show


I started out with the wine and beer samples.  That was a fantastic place to hit up.  I even got a free cat toy for cute little Herman (to the right) from Flat Roof Manor.  I met a delightful woman named Mary and her brother while going through the wine lineups as well.  She was an exhibitor with Global Wealth Trade, which apparently is a relatively new jewellery retailer that’s using a similar model to Mary Kay, Party Lite, etc. by having independent sales consultants to promote their product.  They say they can get your jewellery at wholesale prices.

The vodka mudshake I think will be something I seek out to stock my fridge with for a bit.  They had three flavours: French Vanilla, Banana Cream and Chocolate (I recommend the chocolate… and any of them would taste best if used as a liqueur I think.  Too sweet as just a drink).

Another interesting stop was a ‘free spiritual reading’ from Your Conversations with God.  There’s wasn’t a long lineup, but it was a long wait.  But I figured ‘hey, I’m here, I’ll try what I can!’.  So, I did.  It was a good 15 minute wait, it seems God’s in high demand right now.  When I sat down, the girl doing my reading had me fill out a piece of paper that asked for my name and my religion.  ‘Religion?  What if I don’t know?’ I asked.  The girl had no answer, so, I wrote down ‘I don’t know’.  She then proceeded to explain what it was they believed and that she was going to make some weird noises but that was her speaking in ‘tongue’.  And she really did.  She took my hands and started making clicks and other odd noises for a few minutes.  Then she stopped and said ‘Do you like to sing karaoke? I see this image of you singing karaoke, and it’s not like you’re shy and quiet about it, but like you are full of life and just want to share it with the world.’  Some of you have experienced my excitement for karaoke, especially for #yyckno, so she was dead on with the karaoke analogy.  There was a bit more to it, and she kept talking about my connection with God and love and the Bible and things, which to me aren’t all that relevant.  But the message behind her words resonated, to keep on being exactly who it is I’m being, because that’s the gift I’ve got to give to the world.  So if you see them on the next run through, check it out… even if it’s only to hear somebody speak in tongue and find out what in the world it is they just said.

The highlight for many women (young and old alike) was seeing Billy from Young and the Restless.  I’ve got to admit, my time watching soaps is behind me, and back in the day, I was a Days of our Lives fan, but I went to watch him nonetheless.  He was charismatic and funny, rolled with some pretty fun questions that were thrown his way (like  ‘When you do your love scenes, are you actually naked?’ or ‘How can I get an audition with Young and the Restless?  Maybe you could pass me your phone number to send it along?’).  Besides being charismatic and fun, he’s pretty easy on the eyes too… so no complaints on the half hour or so I spent watching that.

All in all, I enjoyed my afternoon.  I was there for a solid 4 hours and met some pretty cool people.  When the Calgary Women’s Show comes around again in April, start with the beer and wine samples, pamper yourself with some yummy cupcake samples and other foods, and enjoy the latest heart throbs.  I think it’s safe to say I’ll be back in April.

  1. Hello Wendy Peters my name is Michelle Bartley as I mentioned. Uhm I hope that you can help me? Did you buy chance when you were watching the Billy Abbott interviews and etc, I was the nice lady that gave Billy the White Stetson hat, and the few mementos from Calgary etc. My problem is this I have a lot of good pictures of Billy with the hat, but the money shot with him and me when I got his autograph and what not, the nice gentlemen named Jason took the shot, but somehow in my excitement I forgot to hit save on the photo and it disappeared so I was wondering if you could find a picture of me with Billy. I was wearing a Flames jersey, and black jeans etc. I don’t know what else to do I was so sad that the picture didn’t save, I hope maybe can you help me. Thank you so much Michelle Bartley.

  2. Wendy Peters says:

    Hey Michelle, I don’t have any photos from the show myself, but I’ll contact the photographers and see if they have any shots. That was a great gift by the way, he looked awesome in your hat :).

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