Maybe advertising isn’t for everyone either…

Posted: October 24, 2009 in other
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Advertising on Facebook and other social networks doesn’t work.  Ask any online marketing person.  The click through rates are horrible.  Nope, they don’t work.  And for good reason.  90% of the ads are atrocious and don’t have anything to do with what people actually want to click on (FYI – I made up that number.  It’s probably even higher than that in reality).  Today I clicked on the first Facebook ad that was relevant to me.  AND I even signed up for the offer.  But that’s because it was for entering the Oilers mini-pack tickets purchasing draw.  It wasn’t for something stupid like ‘meet hot 27 year old men in Calgary’ (LAME) or ‘lose 10 lbs in 10 days!’ (double whammy LAME).

It was for something useful.  And the ad took me straight to the page where I could sign up for it.  It was straight forward, believable and met my expectations on the click through.

More to the thought behind this post, though, is that maybe advertising isn’t for everyone.  Maybe click through rates on Facebook ads are so low because they don’t work for everyone (or because they really promote mediocrity).  You know how you hear people say that social media isn’t for everyone?  Well it’s true.  And maybe advertising isn’t either… at least not on social networks.

Many of the ads I see are equivalent to the junk mail I never look at in my mailbox.  How much wasted time and money has gone into those?  What if you saved your pennies and came up with something creative and interesting instead?  None of it has to be done by the top agency in town.  In fact, there are plenty of amateurs out there who could do a pretty bang up job of a video for your company or revamp your website, or create some other fun ways to promote your company for the same price you’re paying for crappy Facebook ads.

So, before you jump on the online advertising wagon just because everyone else is doing it, put on your thinking cap and ask yourself if you’re actually contributing to the success of online ads, or if you’re going to be just another piece of junk mail nobody wants to look at.  If you’re the junk mail… maybe advertising isn’t for you.

  1. Les says:


    I had to chuckle at your post. As a facebook user since it’s early inception, I’ve only ever been tempted to click on one of it’s ads once. That was to enter a draw for a free copy of the book Gods Misbehaving Badly. The ads that are routinely posted simply have no relevance to me and therefore I do not click on them.

    Just wanted to give you props for your post, you’ve entirely hit the nail on the head.

    Les B

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