Dear anyone who invents things

Posted: October 6, 2009 in technology and the future
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Warning – extreme geek moment alert

Dear somebody on the internet who can code sharing things into websites:

Please invent a way for me to send website links via SMS.  Currently we can email and share on social networks, but I have not yet found any service that let’s me send a referral to a website I’m on from my computer to your cell phone.  With iPhones becoming available on Telus and Bell networks in November, and smart phones in general just taking over the world, I think that this would be another fantastic way to share a link with someone.  Especially since the link in smart phones is then clickable and takes you to the website anyway.

I think that would be an uber awesome mixture of two technologies that don’t quite talk to one another yet beyond Twitter interactions.

I appreciate your time, energy and aid in this matter.

Sincerest Regards,

Wendy the Uber Geek

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey Wendy,

    I’ve looked into the web -> SMS thing for my project and unfortunately it is rather cost prohibitive. In order to get a message onto the SMS network somebody has to pay for it.

    The workaround is to keep track of the mobile email addresses for your friends. Usually it’s the ten-digit number followed by a domain for each provider…

    The message arrives just like any other txt.

  2. John Tyler says:

    Hey Wendy- check out these sites:

    A good site dealing with QR codes, also with iPhone apps
    (QuickMark and OptiShare) (0.99 for each)

    for generating “larger” QR codes.

    QuickMark has a lot of automatic functions for calling, emailing, geo-locating etc. I found that the SMS feature doesn’t quite follow through though and they say it’s a limitation of the iPhone SDK.

    The other way share I link is using the OptiShare program as it allows you to save the QR code as an image in the camera roll. You can then send via MMS.

    QuickMark is good for taking pictures of QR codes, but as of yet cannot import images stored on the phone. I found another program called BeeTagg (free) that does let you use a stored image and it works!!

    Overall a still cumbersome process, but these QR codes seems a promising technology!!


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