Give a little bit…

Posted: October 2, 2009 in other, social media
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Give a little bit… give a little bit of your thoughts to me.

Give a little bit… I’ll give a little bit of my thoughts to you…

Wisdom comes in many forms, and today it came from Supertramp… mixed with a little social media.  Give a little bit.  It’s all we’ve each got to do.  Take a little bit, it’s all part of what we can do. Give a little bit of yourself to me.  Give a little bit of your skill and talent and insight.  And I’ll give a little bit too.

I’m about giving a little bit of myself to you.  To whoever can find something valuable in what I have to give.  It won’t be all of you, but it is some of you.  It’s that comment I hear so often… ‘if I can make a difference in just one person’s life, then all of this is worthwhile’.

So give a little bit.  Give a little of yourself without expecting anything in return.  Share a little corner of your mind by commenting on something when it moves you.  Take a little bit of what you think is beautiful in this world and create something else from it.

Find a little bit… find a little bit more time to do something new.  And give a little bit.

Learn a little bit.  That’s all it may take to find the missing piece to whatever it is you’ve been searching for.

Teach a little bit.  Take what’s been valuable to you and pay it forward.   Teach us all a little bit about how you’ve made your world go round.

You’ve never had this access before.  The internet… social networking sites… they all give you this.  So take your turn and give a little bit too.

  1. John Tyler says:

    Awesome post!!! 🙂

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