Dear web people

Posted: September 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am a person too. Every morning, my alarm is set for 545. I never actually saunter out of bed until 745…

I never have people over to my apartment. Why? Because I hate cleaning and my place is already a mess.

I don’t make my bed in the morning because I think it’s more comfortable when I crawl into an unmade bed.

I don’t like cooking because I believe food tastes better with the TLC from others.

You’ll rarely find beer in my fridge because I believe the most interesting conversations can be had at the pub down the street.

My space is my own and until I trust you implicitly… You will never see where I live.

I believe that trust is earned. But that a certain amount of trust is necessary without question to foster good relationships and steps forward.

I believe that there is enough good in this world to foster the change we all want to see. And I believe the web and social media will bring us that.

I believe that my belief in the good of humanity is strong enough to promote good from others.

I believe that information wants to be free… And in the next 2 yrs it will be so.

And I believe in myself and in you to inspire the change you want to see in others.

I wrote this blog post, what have you done today to inspire a change in others?

  1. John Tyler says:

    I like this!! 🙂

    With everything on the web requiring a username of some kind, it’s so easy to become hidden behind our web identities. Especially when you are meeting new people through Twitter and you don’t get the face-to-face experience.

    I like how you handle trust!

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