The start of my Go To people – #followfriday

Posted: September 18, 2009 in social media, Twitter
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A few recent events and blog posts have me thinking about who my trusted sources of information are.  They come from all places, online and offline.  But most recently, the post from @ChrisBrogan LinkedIn Want You to Make INtroductions and an analogy given at the last Third Tuesday Calgary (#ctt) from @shelisrael have me thinking a little bit more.

LinkedIn is giving away copies of Chris Brogan’s new book, Trust Agents to the first people who introduced 2 LinkedIn connections to one another via Twitter.  It’s a great way to easily introduce new people to one another and share your networks.  And only takes a couple of seconds.

Shel Israel talked about how social media is like the conversation over the backyard fence to him, and his connections are like his neighbours.  Over time they build trust and some people become your ‘go to’ people for certain topics.

So, in an effort to share some of my network, I’d like to point you to my first ‘Go To’ sources of information.  If it’s an area you are looking for someone to talk to about, these people are a great place to start!


My first recommendation is @dkachman.  This guy goes to more concerts and knows about more music than anyone else I know.  He’s my first ‘Go To’ guy for new music recommendations and concert alerts.


Whenever I’m in search of just the right word, @juniper_gal is my resource.  That woman has the perfect word for every situation.  If you ever find yourself in conversation with her, pay attention to her choice of words.  They’re picked with care, and come out so beautifully.


There is nobody I’ve met who matches the knowledge and passion for podcasting that you will find in @darylcognito.  Running podcasting bootcamps (the next one is in early November) and generally just being an all around awesome guy, he’s who I would send anyone to looking to start out.

Social Media

For beginners, there really is only one place to start.  I’ve talked about him time and time again (and in the post once already), but seriously, start with @chrisbrogan.

And in some shameless self promotion for a project @rjmcleod and I are heading up, stay tuned to @yycsocmed and @yegsocmed for more localized social media resources.

Alright, that felt kind of good.  I think this may be the new format for my follow fridays.  Perhaps a longer list is in order as I discover more first line ‘Go To’ people.

Who are some of your ‘Go To’ people?  I am looking for a new dentist… or any dentist for that matter.  Any suggestions?  Are they on Twitter?


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