People are just FASCINATING

Posted: August 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
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If you haven’t noticed, I write a lot about Twitter.  Seriously.  Look at my tag cloud.  The two main tags are Twitter and Social Media.  And right now I’m going to write about, you guessed it.  Twitter.  I spend a lot of my time online on Twitter.  Well, that’s not true.  I spend some time on Twitter, and a lot of time visiting the destinations I find because of Twitter and the people I follow.  I get a lot of people who just shake their heads at me and say ‘I don’t get it’.  Nor do they want to.  And that’s okay, because Twitter isn’t for everyone.

The thought crossed my mind last week to branch out and check out other social networks, see what people are doing with them.  But I haven’t done that yet.  Why?  Because Twitter continues to fascinate me.  Okay, again, not quite true.  The way people are using Twitter continues to fascinate me.  The first tweet from space came from NASA astronaut Michael Massimo.  It’s incredible to me that the same service that is going to push out this blog post for me, the same service that people were able to see live updates of terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the same service that Best Buy is now using for customer service is also one that can be used in a vacuum.

Twitter started by asking ‘What are you doing?’  And well, people are doing some impressive things (I’m still stuck on tweeting from space… real time from space.  What’s next?).  People do fascinating things, and Twitter gives me a medium to find out about them.  From the best donair places in Calgary, to the guy who just landed on the moon.  One spot, one communication tool. With or without DDOS attacks… how can I not be fascinated by it?


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