Dessert before dinner… this is how I move forward.

Posted: July 22, 2009 in technology and the future
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Thinking outside the box.  Looking at something not for what it was intended, but for where it could go.  Seeing a completed painting on a blank canvas.  This is how I move forward…

Dancing where there is no dancefloor.  Having chocolate cake for breakfast because it’s a dessert food.  Drinking wine out of a water glass, not a wine glass.

Every day, we all use something in a way it was not intended.  We use a coffee cup as a measuring cup, staples or duck tape to hem in a pinch, guitar cases to hold coins instead of guitars while we are playing them.

Innovation comes in many different forms.  Each of us has found some way to ‘make do‘ be creative in a tight spot.  For me it’s about letting go of preconceptions and allowing something to unfold before me.  Without definition or limitation.  Finding multiple uses, being ‘resourceful’.  Creative.  Seeking different angles, doing something out of the ordinary to find my way to the extraordinary.

What intrigues me about the world wide web is its ability to morph into any number of things.  It’s a medium without definition, limits or purpose.  It’s changed everything.  And everything is changing it every day.  It’s phenomenal.  It’s interesting.  It’s entertaining.  It’s challenging.  It’s anything I want it to be.  It’s an endless place of opportunity and creation and exploration.  It doesn’t have a ceiling until I give it one.  Exponential, endless growth for those willing to seek it out and those who believe strongly enough in where they can take it.

Like anything else, it’s a frame of mind.  It’s reading between the lines, lifting the lid to the box, seeing what’s really there.  And getting to that place where none of it is impossible.


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