At it’s core, what is social media?

Posted: May 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Social Media is about transparency.  It’s about perception of truth.  It’s about honesty.  It’s meant to take away the shrouds around corporations and bring in the human element.  It’s about telling your story.  At it’s core, I believe that social media is about the good in people.  There are a lot of good people out there, here in Calgary (#yyc), up in Edmonton (#yeg) and in places without airport codes (how do you label those btw?… #millet?).  Social Media is about finding the good.  Finding the great.  Sharing things that add to life rather than subtracting from it.  Social Media is about connecting and empowering.

I think about the places people lay themselves exposed and vulnerable.  Art first comes to mind.  An artist pours their heart and soul into a piece and puts it on display for the world to appreciate… or to critique, but they still put it out there.  Musicians, painters, fibre artists, bead makers, sculptors, writers… They have stories to tell and they are telling them.  The web gives each of us a medium in which to tell our story.  How are you putting yourself out there?

I value those who have nothing more to gain than what they give. As the rest of the world becomes more transparent, it means we’ll see right through those who are not.  If you’ve got an ulterior motive, it will become obvious.  If you take more than you give, it will come back to you… a bit of a lesson in reciprocity (with a pinch of karma).  That’s how I believe this medium works.  Those who help will be helped.  Those who take frequently and give seldomly will find themselves shut out when others discover their game.

But back to the point about stories.  Stories are in everything.  Stories make art interesting, stories make people interesting, stories make companies interesting.  Story telling in and of itself is an art.  I think that makes social media a bit of an art.  Anyone willing to expose themselves to the world like this is offering something unique, something beautiful, something only you can give.  It’s your thoughts, it’s your perceptions and opinions.  It’s the footprint you are able to leave now and have it multiply where before you could not.

Live long and prosper (forgive the Star Trek reference from the weekend).  I wish each and every one of you prosperity in everything you seek… and please, if I haven’t heard your story yet, please tell me.  I would love to hear it.



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