Sometimes social media is such a waste of time

Posted: May 20, 2009 in other
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Or rather a time waster.  Like right now for instance.  If Twitter and Facebook had been around when I was in university it would have been a miracle that I made it out with my degree.

I have always been highly productive in the late hours of the night and into the wee hours of the morning.  That is when I wrote my best essays, solved the calculus problem I couldn’t wrap my head around, memorized history and classics facts quicker than by day.  I don’t know what it is about the night and why it’s when I do a lot of my best work.  A part of me ventures to guess it’s because that’s when most of the world around me sleeps.  In the dark hours, there is less distraction, less chance to wander away from the task at hand.

I could typically count on finding at least one person in the common lounge if I needed a break.  But after that, there wasn’t much for online networks, I got bored of surfing site after site, so it was either sleep or work.  And especially on a deadline, I worked.  These days, the social networks are my lounge, and there’s always a ton of people awake and chatting away.  I’m finding myself following recommendation after recommendation from links sent to Twitter, chatting lightly with friends via Facebook, scanning blog posts for interesting content, and at the end of it all, filling out some of the thoughts I’ve wandered upon with a blog post.  There are things I should be doing… like sleeping.  But really, this is much more entertaining.  It’s a great time waster.  A great way to keep me away from the task at hand (like finishing off that proposal so I can actually head to bed)… and yet, I always come away with more gained than any other thing I could be doing to waste time.

  1. This is really true, Wendy – I find myself in the same position many times. I’ve even put together a tongue-in-check “Fun and easy guide to wasting time in social media” …

  2. Wendy Peters says:

    seriously go visit the link Josiah left… it’s entertaining (and kinda true!)

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