The number one rule on the internet is…

Posted: May 14, 2009 in Is it really that simple?
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There are no rules.

If you think there are, break them.

Be disruptive.  Make people think.  Go against the grain.  Be creative.  Trust your gut.  And don’t ever listen to anyone who tells you it’s against the rules.  Because really… there are no rules.  It’s the internet.

Go be a free spirit.  Go spread your wings.   Go show me and the rest of the world what you are capable of.   If you fail, awesome.   At least you tried.   The internet takes away the excuse not to try.   It’s so EASY to at least try. And then when you’ve seen how easy it is to try the first time, it’s even easier to pick yourself up and try again.

Do you only have 5 minutes a day to spend on something?    Do it.   5 minutes once a week?  Do that too.   There aren’t any rules about that either.

Maybe you want to blog but don’t think your writing skills are up to snuff?   Or that you will run out of ideas of things to blog about?   There are no rules about quantity, topic, quality, etc.   You may want to think about what you put out there and how it will be perceived, but there’s nothing stopping you from publishing something.

Do you think you need a strategy?  It could be a good idea to help make the most effective use of your time (and if you have a brand to look after).  But if you’re a one person show… you may make things up as you go along anyway.  That in and of itself is a strategy.   A strategy is nothing more than a way of approaching something.

Think like the pirates… they live by The Code – but they’re more like guidelines anyway.


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