My classroom and my playground

Posted: February 9, 2009 in technology and the future, Twitter
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Back in the days before I discovered my inner geek, I was a business student at the U of A.  In one of my international business classes, I remember talking about NAMU (North American Monetary Unit) and the implications of joining our currency with the US and Mexico, kind of like the EU.  Recently, I saw a tweet bringing it up again.  Old conversations circling through in a new platform.

The other day, I queried my Twitter followers for symbols representing Alberta.  I was reminded of social studies in grade school when we explored these topics.

Two recent examples of topics I’ve encountered from topics we talked about in school.  Two topics I don’t think I’ve discussed with anyone since, but both came up on Twitter within a day or two of one another.  It’s kind of like being in class again. Professors and teachers encouraged discussion and conversation.  It opened our young minds to new ideas and dreams.  Brought about different vantage points to a problem, resulting in some creative solutions.  On Twitter, on Friendfeed, Facebook, blog posts, everywhere where there is conversation happening, it’s like walking into a classroom again.  We’re all learning and growing from one another.  We’re all connecting and empowering and trusting and conversing.  Every once in awhile, the vision of a world where we are all connected float back through my mind.  People can solve anything if given a voice and a platform…. so keep on learning… keep on talking… maybe we’ll save the world.


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