The problem with your Twitter user name…

Posted: February 5, 2009 in Twitter

… is that it’s getting too long.  It’s the same problem with email addresses, there is not an infinite number of character variations that allow you to have a simple user name.  So as Twitter gains popularity and increases its user base, new users will be forced to create longer user names.  Longer user names mean more biting into your 140 character limit.   Less characters for the message means less information is shared.  Less information shared means less value add.  So, what to do?

Either sign up soon enough for a short Twitter name, find a service that is still up and coming so you can grab the short user name from there… or maybe Twitter can find a way for id’s not to be included in the 140 character limit.  At least on the initial tweet.  But what about retweets?  And retweets of retweets?  Or replies, and multiple replies… a bit of a conundrum I think…

  1. I am pretty sure that the user name is not included in the 140 limit, at least not on your original tweet. That said it would be great if the retweets and @ would also be exempt. But the challenge is to communicate with in the limits, if you change the rules then you change twitter.

  2. crap forgot to click the notify me part

  3. Wendy Peters says:

    yes, you would change Twitter… but all good things on the internet evolve with their use. It’s not asking to change the 140 character limit overall, just tweaks in what is considered in that 140 character limit. And you are correct, the username isn’t considered in the original post… my issue with the long username was more revolving around trying to RT and give the originator credit without losing the value of the tweet.

  4. it is a challenge with the RT and yes evolution is key to the internet. (in fact some believe it is becoming sentient) But change should have some value and I’m not sure exempting the user name from a RT would add value.

  5. alpalmer says:

    I find RT’ing difficult when it goes over the limit; you then have to decide if you still want to RT, or if you can edit the message of the tweet and still get the point across. My username is fairly short, though at this point I’m starting to wish I had an even shorter one 🙂

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