If I could turn back time…

Posted: February 4, 2009 in other
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If I could turn back time
If I could find a way
I’d take back those words that hurt you
And you’d stay
If I could reach the stars
I’d give them all to you
Then you’d love me, love me
Like you used to do.

Nothing like starting off a post with some Cher lyrics.  What part can Cher play in outing my inner geek?  Well, unfortunately, the first line of the song is about as far as it goes.  I just finished reading a post over on TechCrunch about Facebook turning 5 years old tomorrow.  I had to tweet my disbelief… 5 years, has it really been that long??  A quick response from @ens7piper that ‘it’s amazing how time goes by so quickly’ made me stop and think.  Is it really amazing?  Is it one of those wonderful things that I just can’t believe the world would be better off without?  Or is it scary?  To me… it’s definitely scary.  I’ve been having this conversation offline a lot lately… the one about how fast time goes.  And that it only speeds up as we get older.  But I can’t help but wonder if the internet has sped it up even more.  Who’s stopping to smell the roses when you can spend endless hours online talking to anyone you want?

I’m trying to remember the last time I felt truly content.  The last time I felt well rounded and well rested, healthy and happy.  I’m pretty sure it was in a time before computers, at least before my career revolved around them.  Now my life is revolving around them as well.  The internet itself has brought me so many things that I couldn’t imagine living without.  But I think it’s robbing me of my time.

I’m sorry dear internet, that’s not fair of me to say.  You aren’t robbing me of my time, I join you willingly.  But you bring me so many good things.  You teach me things I never knew, you make me think things I’ve never thought, you take me places I’ve never been, and you help me connect with people I never would have talked to before.  But for all of the good you bring, I’m seeing some serious shortcomings, some things that I’m giving up for you that I’m not quite sure I’m ready to give up.  Dear internet, I am not sleeping as I should, I am not eating as well as I could, I am not disconnecting now as I normally would.

I feel like my frame of reference with time is speeding up faster than many others.  To me, a week is no longer a long time, it happens in the blink of an eye.  It’s hard to remember what I even did 3 days ago.  Call it age if you will (and if you do, then I am old beyond my 26 years), but there is something wrong with this scenario.  I do cherish all of the opportunities the internet brings to me… but I ask myself (and you too): at what cost?


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