Flogging the dead horse….

Posted: January 19, 2009 in social media
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flog a dead horse

Today I noticed that @ChrisBrogan is still talking about robot behavior on Twitter.  And while I think it is a worthy conversation of having, and I understand that the new people just finding this conversation are keeping it fuelled, what I don’t understand is how Chris is able to continue to talk about it?

There are interesting vantage points to every topic.  Certainly a multitude of unique viewpoints, but with so many people continually flocking to the big conversations and with many of these conversations happening around a few key people, I wonder at what point Chris, or other people continuously involved in these types big conversations, start seeing recycled ideas and when they get tired of them?

Every idea is unique and special within the situation it presents itself.  But when the situation goes global, I can’t help but feel that in the larger conversations, the golden nuggets are even harder, rather than easier to find… And that, while I do love finding people with similar viewpoints when I tend to beat to the sound of my own drum on occasion,  are all of these people eroding the ‘unique’ viewpoint I once thought I had?

Maybe I’m getting it all wrong.  It is all about conversation after all.  But sometimes these conversations can feel like the girl who’s over analyzing what she did or what she said wrong when her date doesn’t call her back.  At what point have we flogged that dead horse?


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