One way ticket to Twitter: for business? or pleasure?

Posted: January 12, 2009 in Twitter
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Social media can be a bit of a wild ride sometimes.  I’m never quite sure where I’m going, who’s going to be there and what I can expect to talk to someone about. I don’t know who else is listening or who they’re talking to either.  But I can definitely be sure I will find SOMETHING interesting.

I’ve had 3 local people follow me on Twitter this week.  All of whom have mentioned they are new to Twitter.  People I work with have signed up, not sent out any updates and received 7 followers.  They wonder ‘why is anyone following me? I don’t want them following me yet… I’m not ready to say anything!’  Well, hold onto your socks.  By opening a Twitter account, you’ve already bought your ticket and stepped on the plane.

You are the driver, you decide where you will take us.  Wherever you go, your Twitter followers will follow.  Unless they don’t like where you’re going, then they’ll pull the emergency break and exit to the left pretty quickly.  So, where are you going?  Have you thought about what direction you would like to take?  Are you tweeting for business or pleasure?

I got on the ride for both.  The thrill and the excitement of all the experiences people are having, the new connections I am making, the knowledge I’m soaking up like the thickest sponge…  I’m finding new business and new social opportunities.  And I love that they are so intertwined.  The world is full of interesting facts and people.  You are most definitely one of them.

So, we’re all on board.  You need a destination.  What do you want out of this and what brought you along for the ride?


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