A not so original vision

Posted: January 6, 2009 in technology and the future
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Tonight I watched Canada win the 2009 IIHF WORLD U20 CHAMPIONSHIP.  Not only did I watch the game in the comfort of my own home.  I watched the game on my laptop with a Twitter screen running right beside it and talking to other people also watching the game.  Thank you to TSN.ca for streaming all of the games live on their website.  During the 3rd period, my not so original vision was of the day that I can do that with all TV.  I know many have dreamt it before, and I’m sure many will continue to dream it, but today I was a step closer to believing it’s possible.

Movies and video are going the same way music has.  I’m sure of it.  I’m so sure of it, I refuse to buy DVDs anymore or to even upgrade to blu ray.  YouTube now has some high definition videos available.  Webcasts and podcasts are available on my oh-so-lovely iPhone.  I cannot wait for the day this technology integrates so easily into our lives.  We’re well on our way now.  My inner geek embraces it.

  1. I understand that rights for popular sports events are expensive. How did TSN finance the streaming? Did they put in advertising?

  2. Wendy Peters says:

    I have no idea what they did to finance that actually… would be interesting to find out though.

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