Switching RSS readers? Try an opml file

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Is it really that simple?
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Someone recently told me about a cool blog aggregator called Feedly.  It puts your blog feeds from RSS into a magazine style format to read.  I only had one problem with this.  All of my RSS feeds were in my RSS reader on my desktop.  Feedly talks to Google Reader via Firefox to find out what blogs to draw from.  There are nearly 50 blogs (uploading to Google tells me now that I have 72 blogs in there…) that I keep up with on a weekly basis.  There’s no way I was going to add these one by one to Google Reader… but the allure of trying out Feedly was just to great.

If there is a way to do something without creating more work for myself, I am the first to go looking for it.  So, what did I find?  A way to export ALL of my RSS subscriptions, much like you would export your contacts from Outlook to import somewhere else.  It’s called an OPML file.  All I did was head to the ‘file’ tab in my reader, and click on ‘export subscriptions’.  It automatically bundled them up into a handy little opml file that I saved to my desktop.  Next stop – Google Reader.  Importing your feeds to Google Reader isn’t front and centre, but it’s easy to find.  At the bottom of your feeds list is a link that says ‘manage subscriptions’.  From there, there is a link to ‘import/export’.  All you have to do is then upload the opml file you created from your desktop reader, and Google Reader does the rest.  The same would go for installing your feeds on another desktop reader, or a different computer.  Export the feeds as the opml file, then import the same file into the reader.  The technology does the rest.


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