Why I prefer Gmail to Hotmail

Posted: November 24, 2008 in other
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Screenshot of Hotmail page

Screenshot of Hotmail page

Right up there, right at the top of the screenshot for my Hotmail account.  That Lavalife ad… the ad with no relevance to the page.  The ad that is visual so I know it’s an ad.  The ad you don’t see when you log into Gmail because they aren’t using visual ads… no big invasive banners at the very top of my page screaming ‘look at me!  Not at your email!’.  I would sooner have no ads on either, but then I’d have to pay for my otherwise free email accounts.  So, I’d rather see Google’s ads while going about my daily email business… at least there’s a chance I may find one of them useful because they’re relevant to the content of the page.

  1. Eric says:

    You should try the CustomizeGoogle extension for Firefox – let’s you block Google adds from Gmail, and from Google search pages, along with dozens of other nifty features.

    I think Hotmail has been dead since 2004 – as far as webmail goes, Google wins on every metric, and keeps getting better.

  2. wjpeters says:

    I think I should try the extension in Firefox… like the sounds of blocking the ads.

    I don’t know if Hotmail is dead exactly, I do have a lot of friends who still use their Hotmail accounts, but I agree it’s not really the morn anymore, and Google definitely beats it hands down in all categories.

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