Will your site pass the Google Search Wiki test?

Posted: November 23, 2008 in Search
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Earlier this week, Google launched a new search product that includes a way to comment and vote your favourite finds up or down and add comments about a site for others to view. The feature only works when you are logged into your Google account and only you see which topics you’ve promoted to the top or deleted from your results.  Techcrunch has explained the features well, but the author, Mike Arrington, doesn’t like the new feature.  Robert Scoble thinks it’s bang on.  I think it’s just another reason you’d better make sure your site is one people find useful.

If people are able to customize their searches and save the information so the sites they have found useful before are always on top, making sure your site is one they want to see more frequently in their search results is becoming more and more important.

I have always believed that your website should be fulfilling a use or providing a service.  I often compare it to a magazine – if the articles are the same every month or nothing new is added, who’s going to keep buying that magazine?  Your website should be useful… if nothing else, it should be something that people want to pass on.  The Google Search Wiki is kind of like a new way to bookmark sites right now.  If you vote something up at the top on a particular search term, it will always remain at the top for your individual search – again only if you are logged into your account.  But imagine if Google takes it one step further – if Google starts taking a user’s top voted sites and including those in new searches because it’s a site the user has identified as one they trust and one they’ve found useful in the past.  When Google does that, I will be on bored with Robert Scoble in thinking this is fabulous.


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