Meteor touch down old news

Posted: November 21, 2008 in other
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So, it’s been two hours or so since the reports of a meteor potentially touching down near Edmonton… and with a lack of chatter on Twitter and no videos showing up on YouTube to keep me engaged, I’m feeling like it’s old news already.  I’m watching the Twitter stream on Twitter search and one tweet just popped up with somebody who just found out about it.  I looked at it and said ‘meh, that’s old news’.

My question is when did news that was two hours old suddenly become ‘old’?  How quickly does my attention span from one topic to the next?  Why is something no longer interesting if there are no new developments within minutes?

While the rest of the world is still just finding out about the meteor and gluing their eyes to the TV… I will keep my Twitter feed open so I will still be one of the first to know when more developments are in, but I can go about a normal Thursday evening otherwise.

If only those astronomy experts had Twitter accounts…

Update:  Someone just tweeted that there have been two meteor touchdowns in Canada AND one in New Orleans… now this gets a wee bit more interesting.

Update: Found a blog post talking about a good deal of meteors seen over Tucson and San Diego earlier this week.  Maybe the reports of meteor touchdowns in Alberta and New Orleans are related?

Update: The meteor news is making UFO sites…


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