Blog post of the day – Importance of website links

Posted: November 14, 2008 in Blog post of the day
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Currently there are 41 blogs I subscribe to and scan for content on a daily basis.  Granted, I don’t get through the whole list of blogs and posts every day so I can start fresh the next day, but I do spend a good hour or so swifting through the titles and seeing what may add some value to me that day.

I don’t know many people who track quite this many blogs, but scanning through the noise to find the gems of posts is proving to be incredibly beneficial.  There is usually at least one post that I sit back and read in its entirety, whether because I find it a fascinating post, it adds value to my day to day work activities, or because it reinforces something I’ve known, or thought I’ve known, all along.

As a way to keep up with posts I find valuable and to provide you with what I find valuable, I’m creating a ‘blog post of the day’ section to provide you with the content I find the most useful or the most relevant from what I’ve skimmed.

Today’s blog post is one of those posts that I’ve heard before, known all along, but am happy to see someone is still saying its important.  It has to do with links to your website and website searchability.  Inbound links, outbound links, they’re all important, but how do you do it?

Read Chris Brogan’s blog post about The Vital Importance of Links


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